The Wolf of Winterthorne has officially been released and I am so excited. I hope every reader enjoys the story of Logan Ambrose and Arabella Sutton as much as I did writing it!

Here’s an excerpt:

The profile of a raven perched atop a spindly tree limb grabbed her attention. It cawed, its warning quite clear.


The sleek bird with its foreboding message added to the commanding illusion of the house. Large, made with dark stone, illuminated in a ghostly hue cast by ominous clouds.

Where was she?

What was this imposing place?

She was reminded of an Edgar Allan Poe poem – how could she remember the macabre works of a poet and nothing about herself? Still, remember she did.

This world she had entered was filled with the watchful stare of wolves, ravens, and a scarred man whose appearance was perhaps even more daunting than the structure in which he resided.

A fine mist began to fall from the overcast skies as her stomach churned, a knot of apprehension coiling in her abdomen. She feared that she had unwittingly stepped into more danger than before.

Before drifting into unconsciousness, she managed a silent prayer.

Dear God, protect me…

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The Wolf of Winterthorne has arrived!