Jilted socialite teams up with bad boy billionaire:


Wedding planner Cassandra Benedict sells happily ever afters for a living. But when Cassie gets stood up at her own wedding, the whole humiliating experience is witnessed by the crème de la crème of New York’s elite. Cassie comes from a wealthy family, but she built her business through hard work, and now she feels like a fool. She’s walking down the road in her ruined dress carrying her beagle decked out in his bridesman tutu, when who should offer her a ride but her ex-college boyfriend, Andrew Steele. Just great.

Andrew’s journey has been very different. Coming from nothing, Andrew grew up watching the “haves” duke it out in the Hamptons, so he learned and evolved. Now he’s New York’s hottest celebrity billionaire and darling of the paparazzi, which Cassie despises. But Andrew proposes a mutually beneficial fake relationship that could save her pride and her business. Their sizzling chemistry notwithstanding, bad boy Andrew Steele definitely has the game to pull it off—but is he savvy enough not to fall in love?